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Our team at Blue Star Dental are professionally trained with years of experience in the dental care industry. With specialists in all services, including dental crowns and root canal treatments, we know what it takes to maintain and improve good oral health. We’re an affordable family dental clinic in Brisbane that can restore and repair the look and feel of your teeth. When you need personalised dental care from the best dentists in Brisbane, contact us at Blue Star Dental.

Our Services



Dental crowns are an effective way of restoring a missing or severely weakened tooth to regain full functionality of the mouth and improve aesthetic value. Crowns are dental caps that are specifically made to match the size and shape of your infected tooth. At Blue Star Dental, our patients can choose from either porcelain or porcelain-fused metal crowns that can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth. Our dental crowns will transform your teeth and deliver stable results.


Root Canals

Common dental problems such as tooth decay, disease, and even injury can require root canal treatment. If you’re experiencing increased sensitivity or toothaches, swollen gums or darkened and discoloured teeth, then it might be time to undergo a root canal treatment. At Blue Star Dental, we can help protect your tooth by getting rid of the infected pulp and ensure that the damaged nerves don’t lead to more severe, complex issues which may require extraction. To manage the health of your teeth, choose Blue Star Dental today.

Our Team

At Blue Star Dental Group, our team consists of highly qualified dentists and oral health therapists. Our goal is to provide both professionalism and comfort to all our patients. Therefore, our dentists specialise in a variety of dentistry services to keep your teeth in optimal condition, while our oral health therapists will help you with oral hygiene strategies. Our approach is customer-centric, meaning that at Blue Star Dental, you’ll always get the best dental care for your needs.

Areas We Serve

Blue Star Dental has family-friendly, expert dental clinics throughout Brisbane. Whether you’re in Cornubia, Crestmead, Loganholme or Slacks Creek, we’ve got your dental crown and root canal treatments covered. We guarantee that at one of our dental clinics, we’ll be able to restore your teeth to the perfect condition.


We love the staff and dental team at Blue Star. They look after our family really well and we wouldn't go anywhere else

Tina Lloyd

A year ago

Great service and staff. Got a clean, polish & X-ray for a very good price.

Lorenzo Giannini

4 months ago

I have been with Blue Star for a very long time, and even though I now moved to a new location, I still go there for treatment and check ups because they are the best, very professional and friendly, including the admin staff.

Eric N

10 months ago

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Are you finding that your teeth are consistently deteriorating? You might need a dental crown or root canal treatment. Book a consultation with our dentists today to discuss your dental care needs.
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