Teeth Whitening in Brisbane

Here at Blue Star Dental, we offer teeth whitening Brisbane to help people to bring back the natural colour of their teeth. The procedure is widely popular with its dramatic results.

Our teeth become discoloured due to eating habits, lifestyle, or health conditions. Especially, teeth-staining foods and smoking contribute largely to the colour of your teeth. Age is another factor as your teeth may appear darker when age advances.

No matter the extent of the teeth discolouration, whitening can give you highly promising results based on your expectations. Our whitening services are convenient, safe, quick, affordable, and effective.

At Blue Star Dental, you can choose in-chair laser whitening or take-home whitening kits based on your priorities in terms of quickness of the result, convenience, and affordability.

In-Chair Laser Whitening

It is a very popular and effective teeth whitening option that can give you pearly white teeth in 1.5 hours. Performed by our dentists at our clinic, the procedure is your best choice if you want quick results and especially searching for “teeth whitening near me”. With our teeth whitening servicesyou can whiten your teeth in eight different shades.

The fast and painless treatment will give you a highly visible difference after the procedure. At Blue Star Dental, our dentists will examine your teeth, gums, and jaws to identify any symptoms of oral health issues. If there are any issues, we will treat them first before beginning with the teeth whitening procedure.

We will communicate all the important information, including the realistic results that can be achieved and the teeth whitening cost in Brisbane, before starting the procedure.

During the procedure, our dental hygienists will apply a hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching gel after covering your gums using rubber shields. Placing rubber shields will help us to protect your gums from being exposed to bleaching agents.

We will then apply high-intensity laser light to activate the bleaching agent. At Blue Star Dental, we take all the safety measures and precautions to provide you with a safe, effective teeth whitening experience.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Our take-home whitening kits are far more flexible and convenient for people who are happy to get gradual teeth whitening in their home comfort. The take-home kits include custom-fitted trays and the whitening gel.

The whitening trays protect your gums from the exposure of the gel, and you will have to wear them like mouthguards while applying the gel. Unlike the in-chair whitening gels, at-home gels contain less concentrated hydrogen peroxide to give you safe whitening through regular teeth bleaching – usually for two weeks.

However, based on your present teeth colour and your expectations, we may ask you to continue the procedure for a few more days. Compared to in-chair teeth whitening, take-home kits are more affordable, and people can control the colour of their teeth themselves.



Teeth Whitening FAQs

Is Teeth Whitening Suitable For You?

You can visit us for a dental examination, and that will help us to identify all your dental problems, teeth discolouration, and the reasons for discolouration. If you are struggling with other dental issues, we will provide you with treatments for that first before performing the teeth whitening.

Also, if you are struggling with gum or teeth sensitivity, we will choose alternative whitening products that can ensure the least amount of discomfort.


Is In-Chair Whitening Safe?

Various studies confirmed that in-chair whitening is a safe procedure, and it does not cause any side effects when performed under the supervision of a dentist. However, these bleaching products are not recommended to be used by pregnant women and children.

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Invasive dental procedures may not give the intended results due to the various complexities associated with them. We request to get a second opinion from an independent healthcare practitioner before deciding on the procedure.

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